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Specialized Doctors – Passionate Team

The Reproductive Medicine Unit IASO has been active in assisted reproduction in the last 24 years. It provides all new IVF techniques, fertility maintenance and preimplantation diagnosis of embryos.

The Reproductive Medicine Unit has gynecological and ultrasound facilities equipped with the latest ultrasound generation as well as a fully staffed and specialized embryology lab.

The members of the unit are among the pioneers in in vitro fertilization in Cyprus with experience in the diagnosis of infertility.

The aim of our clinic is the continuous investment in laboratory and medical equipment, the continuous training of the scientific staff of the unit and especially the scientific and human relationship with each couple.

Our goal for so many years is to acquire healthy children with the lowest possible psychological, physical and financial costs.

We wish you GOOD LUCK!

Success Rates

The IASO reproductive medicine unit is fully compliant with the law of 2015 (L.69 (I) / 2015) which, among other things regulates the number of transferred embryos.The results of our unit (with fresh or cryopreserved embryos) listed for the year 2015-2016 are categorised by age group.  Additionally, in the cases where an egg donation has taken place, the results are presented in a separate column.

This categorisation provides a clearer picture of the success rates that a couple should expect when is entering into an in vitro fertilization programme, a more realistic picture. We also list the corresponding results as published (Hum Report .2016 Aug: 31 (8): 1638-52) for all European countries by the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction) as well as for the United Kingdom,to facilitate a comparison of the results and to avoid generalities.

Why Us

Trust, Respect for Man, Modern Equipment, Advisory Human Role, Full and Continuous Personnel Training, Quality Control, High Success Rate.

Since the year 2000, the medical, laboratory and nursing staff have been responsible for recording and recording each procedure, a patient care document.

The 2014 IASO Unit has been certified with EN ISO 9001: 2015 which requires the recording of patient data and the flexibility of the organization of the Unit in any changes that serve the couples.

This way the organization becomes more efficient because there is an end-of-term check and this meets the expectations and demands of our customers.


Amazing doctors, nice atmoshere, friendly staff

Marina Louka

Experienced doctors, new facilities


Highly Recommended


Highly Recommended, best quality and range of IVF  services in Cyprus


Amazing doctors with full experience on IVF


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