PRP Cyprus


PRP CYPRUS The IASO Medical Center is pioneering in the treatment of ovarian and endometrial rejuvenation by applying PRP in premature menopause, for people with low egg stores, as well as in women with poor endometrial quality. The IASO Medical Center in Cyprus pioneers and performs vaginal revitalization treatments with the Femilft laser, and [...]

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Femilift – A revolutionary method against vaginal relaxation


Femilift - A revolutionary method against vaginal relaxation The pioneering method of Femilift CO2 has been developed with the strictest Safety Standard and offers inter-invasive correction of vaginal relaxation as well as treatment of female urinary incontinence by effort. The Femilift method prevents and treats specific conditions while avoiding painful surgery. Using this [...]

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What is ERA test


What is the ERA test The Endomitrial Receptivity Analysis is a test analyses the level of expression of 238 genes related with the status of endometrial receptivity. What is the purpose of ERA test? It is used to evaluate the stage of an endometrium and determine the receptivity and implantation  of a personalized  window  [...]

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