Quality control into the IVF lab


Continuous monitoring of laboratory conditions and alarm system at the IVF laboratory.
As part of the continuous upgrading of the quality of our services, we have equipped the embryology laboratory with a continuous monitoring system (24/7) of the laboratory parameters.

Up to 150 laboratory test sensors, such as for temperature, humidity, oxygen levels, CO2 or liquid nitrogen levels in ova/sperm/embryos storage tanks can be connected to the DATASSURE system.

The use of this system allows us to constantly control the conditions in which the ova, embryos and semen specimens are cultured and stored, even at times when the embryologist cannot be physically present in the lab.

In case a parameter goes out of limits, then the embryologist is instantly notified via email and SMS on their mobile phone in order to take the necessary actions.
This technology ensures the smooth operation of the laboratory, achieving ideal conditions for the culture and storage of embryos, as well as high pregnancy rates.

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