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Cycle Tracking

The application of intrauterine insemination in conjunction with the monthly tracking of a woman’s ovulation cycle is an alternative, painless and minimally invasive assisted reproduction process. This procedure involves tracking the ovulation cycle under ultrasound to determine which day the ovum will be released from the ovaries (ovulation).

Semen samples are first processed, purified from undesirable substances, activated and concentrated.  Approximately one hour after semen collection in the laboratory, the sample is ready to be used for insemination. The concentrated specimen is inserted through the cervix in the endometrial cavity by means of a special fine catheter, which does not take more than 5 minutes.

This procedure is intended to facilitate a normal conception by bypassing potential problems, such as potential hostile cervical mucus or possible mild sperm disorders.

However, the fallopian tubes must not be blocked and acceptable sperm parameters such as motility and sufficient spermatozoa must exist in order to apply intrauterine insemination.


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