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Blastocyst Biopsy

The blastocyst technique has a historical overview as a preimplantation genetic diagnosis by Gardner and Edwards in 1968 in mice and rabbits for sex determination. Extensive studies were conducted by the Dokras team in 1990.

Biopsy of polar bodies and analysis of all 23 oocyte chromosomes enables the pair with a severe reproductive history to achieve high percentages of results by applying this technique.

In the effort of the IASO Unit to give the best result to couples, we have proceeded with this revolutionary technique at the blastocyst stage, which has the advantage that the embryo developing at this stage exhibits increased reproductive dynamics and implant dynamics.

This allows us to proceed with a biopsy only to embryos that could lead to pregnancy and delivery.The biopsy material obtained from the blastocyst is derived from the effervescent herb that plays a role in placental production of the outer embryonic membranes.

Thus at this stage where the embryo has acquired polarity in terms of internal mass and trophodrome we know that biopsy does not remove material belonging to the embryo itself so the biopsy process does not affect the possibilities of implantation and extension of the healthy progression of pregnancy .


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