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Chromosome Analysis & Sperm DNA: FISH & APOPTOSIS

One of the most modern techniques is the analysis of the number of chromosomes and the quality of the sperms’ DNA.

These two techniques can give us additional useful information regarding sperm quality and not just by a single sperm diagram, since they can detect a problem both on a chomosomal level (detection of a number of chromosomes) and on a DNA level (fragmentation- apoptosis).

An increased percentage (apoptotic index > 20%) of apoptotic – pathological spermatozoa are important indicators of infertility and the possible cause for multiple IVF failures.

Despite its uselfulness, this method is not applicable in all cases except the following:

  • Cases of oligoteratozoospermia (oligospermia)

  • Cases of failed oocytes’ fertilization

  • Cases of unexplained infertility

  • Cases of multiple miscarriages and biochemical pregnancies


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