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Sperm Donation

In cases where the inability to acquire children is due to male infertility and provided that specific techniques for obtaining sperm have been implemented (MESA, TESA, TESE) then the acceptance of donor sperm is recommended.

In order to become a donor, one needs to be an adult under 30 with proven fertility and a normal semen analysis. The donor is subject to extensive medical examination and needs to present his complete medical history for the detection of hereditary, genetic or contagious disease. These tests will be repeated every 6 months to confirm that the sperm is completely healthy and ready to use.

The cryopreservation of these samples is done in special storage banks where all operating rules are in compliance with the the law enforced. In addition, every couple accepting the sperm sample from the donor is given and accompanying document specifying the tests that have been done, the dates of cryopreservation, the basic chareacteristics of the donor and the sperm parameters (sperm count, motility).

In any case, the couple must not know the name of the donor or vice versa, since a special code (barcode) is placed on the sample, which can be read only in the laboratory.


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