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In natural cycle – Mild stimulation

This procedure involves taking the woman’s ovum as it naturally matures in the ovaries without administering drugs to stimulate them.

This method is simple, flexible and in the last 2 years along with mild ovarian stimulation begins to become the first choice for women who need IVF. There is a lot of evidence today that the cumulative effects of the extra-corporeal on a natural cycle are similar to those of the extra-corporeal with drugs without the complications of the latter (e.g ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome, multiple pregnancies, etc.).

The process of aspiration of the ovum from the follicle includes the dose of sedation (sedation) in the woman for a very short time and the aspiration of the follicular fluid with a very fine needle through the vagina. The purpose of the effort is to collect a naturally selected egg at the lowest possible cost (psychological, physical, monetary). However, there are alternative natural cycle choices where very small doses of drugs are given to support this process.


  • An egg that has matured under normal conditions in the woman’s body is used

  • No high-cost hormonal treatment is required

  • Efforts can be repeated every month as long as the ovaries do not suffer from stress due to taking.

  • Pregnancy rates are approximately the same as those of conventional IVF after 3 to 4 cycles of effort.


  • There is a small rate of canceling cycles due to early ovulation before the ovum is taken

  • The egg may not be found during oocyte sampling

  • The egg may not be fertilized in the laboratory or fertilized wrong


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