Lichen sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting the anogenital area

Patients with Lichen sclerosis complain mainly of itching , burning, pain and sexual dysfunction .Affected  women have an increased risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma .Even though a definitive cure does not exist , the ideal treatment for Lichen sclerosis should aim at inducing relief of symptoms ,reversing sighs and preventive further anatomical changes. Topical potent and ultra potent corticosteroids are the treatments of choice. Ultrapotent corticosteroids despite their positive therapeutic effects  do not prevent recurrences which may be unpredictable..

In our medical center , we conducted a study using a new regenerative approach that removes symptoms and reduce atrophy and sclerosis in patients with Lichen sclerosus.

The injection of PRP releases growth factors , monocytes and nutrients that have an important role in phagocytosis of fibrotic tissue in inflammation reduction , angiogenesis stimulation and collagen iii synthesis.

Twenty patients with biopsy proven Lichen sclerosus unresponsive to topical steroid treatment  were enrolled in the study.

All patients received two PRP sessions 4 to 6 weeks apart .Nearly all patients exhibited clinical improvement in the size of their lesions and in four cases ,lesions totally disappeared after the treatment. Forty-six percent of the patients had become free of symptoms and ten patients did need further steroid therapy .

Our study showed that PRP  seems a promising new treatment for the female genital Lichen sclerosus ,as it promotes regeneration  and leads to cessation of symptoms which has generally not been achieved  with the standard current therapy options.

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