Femilift – A revolutionary method against vaginal relaxation

The pioneering method of Femilift CO2 has been developed with the strictest Safety Standard and offers inter-invasive correction of vaginal relaxation as well as treatment of female urinary incontinence by effort.

The Femilift method prevents and treats specific conditions while avoiding painful surgery. Using this method, the Femilift special laser is used to achieve tissue renewal throughout the vaginal canal in order to reduce the diameter to a particularly satisfactory degree. As a result of this reduction, the quality of sexual contact is significantly improved.

Femilift is also indicated for the prevention and treatment of incontinence caused by coughing and sneezing.

In which cases is it advisable to use the Femilift method:

The method is particularly effective in cases where vaginal relaxation has occurred, which may have led to urinary incontinence, decreased sexual well-being or generally discomfort during daytime activities. Factors that may have affected vaginal tightness include, among other things, pregnancy, surgeries, smoking, obesity or age, as over time collagen in vaginal tissues is gradually decreasing.

How long will the process be completed and what is it:

After the initial examination to determine if the Femilift method is the most appropriate for each case, 3 sessions will be organized within 3-5 weeks between each other. Sessions last 10-15 minutes At the end of the last session, the application of the it has been completed. The results are immediately visible and permanent.

Why should I prefer the Femilift method:

The Femilift method has significant advantages over the conventional treatment of vaginal-related health problems. They are absolutely safe, do not need surgery or anesthesia, provide immediate results and give you the ability to program it, even if you have a heavy schedule or a lot of obligations, since there is no postoperative cycle.

How fast you can get back to your day-to-day activities:
You will be able to get back to your everyday tasks. It is recommended for optimal results, not to have sexual intercourse within the first 2 days of each session.

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