Project Description

Analysis of the chromosomal profile
of the embryo before implantation

It is known that the possibility of implantation of the foetus and its ability to develop into a healthy baby depends, among other things, on the chromosomal profile. The biopsy of the embryos is essential for PGD and it may be performed on the third (isolation of 1-2 cells of the embryo) or the fifth day (isolation of more than 1-2 cells) after fertilisation of the ova.

The new molecular techniques we use (array-CGH, Next Generation Sequencing, SNP technology) enable us to detect very accurately any chromosomal abnormalities which may be present in foetuses,as well as their origin (paternal or maternal).

Advantages of the method:

  • It is possible to transfer only a single healthy embryo by means of single embryo transfer (SET) with an implantation potential of 50-55% in women of young reproductive agemination to detect the possible causes of infertility

  • Reduced waiting time until pregnancy

  • The continuous thawing cycles of embryo transfer until the achievement of pregnancy is avoided

  • The molecular control of all chromosomes with modern molecular techniques is still relatively expensive

  • The cumulative clinical pregnancy rate is in comparison with cycles where no embryo control takes place, however the surplus embryos undergo freezing

  • There is a chance that no embryo transfer takes place because there is no physiological embryo


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